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Are you from a refugee background living in New Zealand?  We want you to hear from you.

Send us your photo

We’d love you to take a photo that shows a part of your life in New Zealand – it could be at school or at home, of a sports game, anything that tells us something about you.  Make sure that the people in your picture are happy for you to take their photo.

Upload the photo to The Mixing Rooms’ Flickr stream using the form below.  The photo’s will be used in the Mixing Room exhibition to make up a giant photo-mosaic that shows the diversity of young people who came to New Zealand as refugees and are growing up as new New Zealanders.  The photo’s will also be accessible via this Blog.

Write a description about your photo that tells us who is in the picture or what is happening. Where it is and the date you took the picture.

Send us your story

Or send us a blog post.  It can be a scribble of  a thought, a carefully considered poem or a quiet reflection.

Simply send an email to:

We at The Mixing Room think the poem Fine Artist by writer Abdalla Gabriel from our youth reference group is really thought provoking.

Here’s a couple of poems written by one of the stars of our youth reference group– Anita Azizi at a writing workshop held in Wellington.  Neat alright!

Standing Up, by Anita Azizi
What to bring when you come to New Zealand, by Anita Azizi

The Mixing Room team review the content before it is added to the blog to make sure it is appropriate and not offensive. We do this in normal NZ business hours and we will try our best to get posts up on the blog as soon as possible.