Where do I belong?

Young refugees from Congo, Rwanda, and Bhutan produced this short film ‘Belong’.  It was made in a Performance Workshop as part of our Mixing Room project along with heaps of other great clips. They all appear on digital tables within the exhibition “The Mixing Room, stories from young refugees in New Zealand” still open at Te Papa, The Museum of New Zealand.

So where do you belong?

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Walking with a Fragile Heart

Refugee Trauma Recovery is pleased to invite you to the launch of its third book of short stories and poems written by former refugees. 

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U.N. Seeks New Aid for Syria Crisis and Predicts 1 Million Refugees by Mid-2013

Winter is descending on Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and the bloodied stage for an urban battle, now running into its sixth month, between rebels and the military of President Bashar al-Assad.

 GENEVA — The United Nations appealed on Wednesday for $1.5 billion in new aid to handle the steadily worsening humanitarian crisis created by spiraling violence in Syria and predicted that the number of refugees fleeing the conflict would double to more than 1 million in the next six months.

The increased estimate was least the fourth time the United Nations had revised its projections upward on refugees in the nearly two-year-old uprising against the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, which has turned into a civil war that has left at least 40,000 people dead and has threatened to destabilize the Middle East.

The Syrian crisis was a dominant theme of a year-end news conference at the United Nations by Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general, who said that he planned to convene a donor conference next year to raise additional aid money. Mr. Ban also thanked all the neighboring countries in the region that had absorbed Syrian refugees and he called upon Israel publicly for the first time to accept them as well.

Mr. Ban reiterated his plea for an end to the violence in Syria and said “we’re doing our best to provide necessary humanitarian assistance. We are raising our voices, appealing to the international community.”

Panos Moumtzis, the United Nations regional coordinator for Syrian refugees, said in a statement from Geneva that the enormity of the crisis “requires urgent support from governments, businesses and private individuals. Unless these funds come quickly we will not be able to fully respond to the lifesaving needs of civilians who flee Syria every hour of the day — many in a truly desperate condition.”

More than 525,000 Syrians have now registered as refugees, the United Nations refugee agency reported, roughly double the number it had recorded in early September. These include approximately 160,000 in Lebanon, 150,000 in Jordan, 140,000 in Turkey and more than 65,000 in Iraq. The agency also included Egypt for the first time as a sanctuary for fleeing Syrians, reporting more than 10,000 had registered there.

The refugee agency now expects the number to double again within the next six months, Mr. Moumtzis said.

He based that forecast on present trends in the conflict, with 2,000 to 3,000 Syrians crossing into neighboring countries every day. Under a worst-case outcome, in which the conflict results in a massive exodus of civilians, the number of refugees could rise to 1.85 million, he said.

As it is, “the violence in Syria is raging across the country, there are nearly no more safe areas where people can flee,” Radhouane Nouicer, the coordinator of United Nations humanitarian aid based in Damascus, told journalists in Geneva, citing daily shelling and bombings in the suburbs of the capital.

The needs of Syria’s increasingly desperate population, facing winter cold and shortages of basics like food, were much greater than the aid sought by the United Nations, Mr. Nouicer said, but the appeal was “realistic assessment of what we can achieve” in the complex and dangerous conditions prevailing in the country.

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The exhibition walls

The walls of the exhibition contextualises the young peoples journey from the country of origi...

The exhibition walls

The walls of the exhibition contextualises the young peoples journey from the country of origi...

The exhibition walls

The walls of the exhibition contextualises the young peoples journey from the country of origi...

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